Hygienic belt dryer

A belt dryer typically applies the product through an infeed chamber onto a perforated horizontal belt, which carries the product through the drying area which is divided into several sections.

Carefully controlled, high through-put, hygienic drying

The belt dryer from Ventilex is a stainless steel perforated horizontal belt, designed for durability, sanitation; it controls temperature and humidity as required, delivering desired levels even with varying air inlet conditions.

Helping the industry to produce better quality products, controlling temperature / humidity environment while minimizing utility usage and maximizing production rates. Besides the drying of food and agriculture products such as flaked, striped, noodle, cube and granule materials; it can also be used for dehydration of various chemical and pharmaceutical products.

The dryer capacity, size and performance depend on the available heat transfer area and the operating conditions for the specific product. The combination of temperature cycles and drying times can be adjusted to control the final product physical properties.


  • Continuous drying system
  • Uniform and gentle drying
  • Suitable for granular, fibrous, preformed and extruded wet materials
  • High energy efficient
  • Optimum time/drying curves for each product