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The fishmeal powder market forecast shows that its global market value will reach USD 10.3 billion by 2025. Expanding since 2019, at an annual growth rate of 6.5%. Fishmeal powder production has strong business potential with the increase of applications in animal feed, pet food, and fortified foods.

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Control the drying process to retain the nutritional value of fishmeal

Fishmeal powder production can be done with wild capture, by-catch, and by-products from the fish processing industry. This is a fairly standardized manufacturing process, in which drying is a critical step to retain the nutritional value of fishmeal.

Drying fishmeal is a sensitive and critical process. This is why you need to control temperature, moisture, and time. If the cake is not adequately heated and dried, it will be prone to bacteria and mold. On the contrary, if over-dried, it will lose its nutritional value.

Apply indirect drying to avoid contact with fuel gases

Direct drying, is commonly known as flame-dried and is performed with a cylindrical drum. This is a quick and efficient process that uses direct fire or direct hot air. Although there is a risk of exposure to fuel gases for the fishmeal cake, this method remains widespread in fishmeal powder production.

Avoid contact with fuel gases by treating the cake with indirect drying. This process, also known as steam-drying, has a longer residence time during which the fishmeal cake is only in contact with a surface heated by steam. This keeps the cake and air, free of polluting fuel gases. In addition, you can recycle the steam vapor for other processes in your plant.

The feed sector expects improvements in fishmeal powder production

Fishmeal is one of the most digestible and nutritious ingredients used in animal feed. Its protein content ranges between 62% to 70%, while it is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. But beyond its nutritional value, the feed sector expects sustainable improvements in fishmeal powder production.

They are looking for alternative ingredients such as black soldier fly protein that promise a smaller ecological footprint. Thus, fishmeal manufacturers need to address sustainability challenges. They can do it through responsible sourcing and process optimization.

With an improvement of product quality, while safeguarding the environment, the fishmeal market has many opportunities to expand and feed the growing population.

Processing steps involved in fishmeal-powder making

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