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Black Soldier fly larvae (BSF or BSFL) offer great nutritional values, making them an excellent alternative protein source for animal feed and pet food. Black soldier fly processing technology has evolved sufficiently to turn the insect into a viable food ingredient. But there is no official authorization for human consumption yet and you are unlikely to find them at a restaurant anytime soon.

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BSFL is plentiful in nutrients

The larvae of the black soldier fly contain a variety of nutrients that can replace traditional substances used in animal feed or aquafeed. The micro- and macro-nutrients in the larvae make them an excellent component for the rearing of animals including fish, chickens, and pigs.

Rich in proteins, lipids, and minerals such as zinc and iron, BSFL is a viable resource for the farming industry. Fat contents make the resource less useful for the farming of ruminants, but the impact of BSFL on meat production can only increase.

The black soldier fly processing technology to produce protein

Tropical climates are ideal for BSFL farming and you can achieve these conditions with an HVAC system. Before starting the extraction process, harvested larvae need to be cleaned with specialized technology such as an immersion washer.

Heating or cooling equipment including boilers, fryers, freezers ensure that the larvae are inactivated. You can remove any residual water with belt dryers or rotation drums and crush the mass using mills or crushers. The BSF protein meal is now ready to be extracted. Press the material to separate the protein meal from insect oil.

A feasible alternative to animal feedstock

Nurturing black soldier flies takes up considerably less land than crops and grains that normally go for feeds. The fast growing rate of larvae also means that a site can be reutilized more quickly.

The insects are fed other organic matter, recycling a range of waste streams generated by agricultural, animal, or human activities. Moreover, larvae achieve a high conversion efficiency, producing proteins with minimal wastage.

A win for sustainable agriculture

BSFL offers a safe and low-price alternative to mainstream protein products. With further regularization of the cultivation method, its production can reach standardized treatment and processing across different regions.

Black soldier flies are an important agent of natural nutrient recycling, making BSFL protein a game-changer in sustainable agriculture.

Processing steps involved in black-soldier-fly-protein making

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