Energy saving cabinet dryer for food

Traditional drying systems use a lot of energy and take a long time to dry the product, affecting look and taste. A modern state-of-the-art food drying cabinet using heat pump technology can reduce your energy costs and result in better tasting, more consistent end product.

Energy-efficient drying cabinet with heat pump based condensation system for rapid, gentle drying

The Harter Airgenex heat pump-based condensation dryer system vastly reduces energy consumption for any drying requirements. By using extremely dry air at much lower temperatures than usual the Airgenex system is amongst the most efficient available.

Customized forced air routing produces remarkably rapid and efficient results whilst preserving the flavors and appearance of the end product.

The Harter Airgenex system is completely closed, and therefore optimal drying conditions are maintained no matter what the ambient conditions of your production facility. This ensures repeatable, consistent results for the best product quality at all times.

Designed for easy cleaning and hygienic operations, the Harter Airgenex units are capable of both batch and continuous operations, fitting in with any production requirement.



  • Highly efficient Airgenex system reduces running costs and cuts drying time
  • Lower temperature drying means optimum product quality
  • Closed system for consistent results, irrespective of external environmental changes
  • Harter Pilot Plant is available free of charge to test your products to determine the optimum configuration of your Airgenex dryer