Insect farming software

No two insect farms are the same and so, each facility requires a modern and tailored solution to operate successfully and more effectively. This is where the help of software can greatly benefit farms by minimizing risks while allowing them to replicate success. The benefit of such software is that they help to make data-based decisions so every batch can deliver better results.

Tailored insect farm tracking and management software

Cogastro has developed an insect farming software that provides a modern, flexible, and sophisticated tracking and management solution that can save you time through employee daily tasks automation, recording and measuring farm performance, and help you with control of operations.

Thanks to its infrastructure and cloud-based technology, Cogastro can integrate with different providers and equipment manufacturers and send data to its standard interface through protocols and API and bring together all relevant information such as insect life cycle and feedstock usage in one place.

Additionally, the Cogastro software allows for full-cycle tracking and traceability that will help you for not only being regulatory compliant but providing insight on future production rates and capacity.

Explicitly designed for insect farms, Cogastro’s insect farming software is easy to use, understand, and adapt to your existing farming processes.


  • Can be integrated with different sensors/equipment software
  • Access and manage all information in one place
  • Remotely monitor and manage every facility across the network
  • Gather a data-driven insight on future production rates and capacity

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