The drying of ceramics is a crucial step in the industrial pottery-making process. This process involves removing moisture from the clay body to make it firm and hard. The most common equipment for achieving this is by using either a kiln or a dryer. The choice of equipment you choose will depend on the type of ceramics you would like to produce.

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Kilns are typically used for high-temperature firing to create the final ceramic product. The kiln is heated to a specific temperature. Which causes the clay to go through a series of physical and chemical changes. Thus, resulting in a hardened and durable material. Before being placed in the kiln, the clay dries to a point where it is no longer soft or pliable. The clay is usually left to air dry to remove any excess moisture. After the air-drying process, the pottery is fired in a kiln. Where the high temperature causes the water content in the clay to evaporate, resulting in even drying and shrinkage.

Using Industrial Dryers With Ceramics

Another method of drying ceramics is using specialized drying machinery. Dryers are typically used for lower-temperature firing. Furthermore, they are preferred for materials like porcelain, which are susceptible to cracking and breaking. Especially during the drying process. This process involves removing moisture by using evaporation. Ceramics are placed in drying equipment where heated air is circulated. And thus, the moisture is drawn out of the clay. Also, a glaze is usually applied to ceramics after the drying process to add color. But also to protect the ceramics from wear and tear. Another method for protection is using what is called a Grog. This is a mixture of ground-up ceramic material that can also be added to prevent cracking during drying. Producing high-quality ceramics absolutely needs even drying. Humidity and temperature have to be controlled throughout the drying process to prevent cracking and warping.

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