Flash calciner

Quality of gypsum plaster products is highly influenced by the quality of the calcining process employed in production. Production of basic and multi-phase plaster products requires carefully controlled high-temperature processing from dedicated equipment.

Efficient high temperature calcining for plaster production

Claudius Peters’ Flash calciner is a highly efficient and reliable calciner for the production of gypsum based basic and multi-phase plasters. The equipment uses single or multiple cyclone stages to suspend raw materials for processing at temperatures up to 500 C. Using cyclone technology avoids the need for any internal moving parts and allows for reliable operation with minimal maintenance even at the high operating temperatures. Calcining at these temperatures ensures controlled formation of defined gypsum anhydrite and anhydrite II phases required for the production of plasters with short setting times. A high degree of efficiency is achieved though continuous recirculation of exhaust gasses, reclaiming otherwise wasted heat and reducing energy consumption.


  • Designed for integration with Claudius Peters’ EM Mill
  • Plant efficiency is improved by recirculating hot exhaust gasses from the Flash Calciner
  • No internal moving parts
  • Controlled calcining at 500 C
  • Produce mulit-phase plasters