Horizontal impact calciner

Quality of synthetic gypsum and stucco products is highly influenced by the quality of the calcining process employed in production. Even feeding into the hot gas flow and well-controlled retention times determine the quality of the process and the final product is stucco, wall-board, or plaster.

State-of-the-art, direct calcining technology from a single staged process

Claudius Peters’ Horizontal Impact Calciner can directly process up to 100 tonnes per hour of fine raw materials used in the production of synthetic gypsum. The design is based on Claudius Peters’ successful EM Mill calciner housing, but includes no grinding elements. Instead, fine raw materials are evenly fed to the hot gas flow via an impact plate which crushes any larger or agglomerated particles. Material flow is based on the proven EM Mill calcifier and optimized for ideal retention times and responsive controls.


  • Process up to 100 tonnes per hour
  • Direct, full calcining without a preheating process
  • Produce high stucco quality with low water demand
  • Consistently produce stable stucco suitable for wall board and plaster manufacturing

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