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Panax ginseng is a medicinal plant with a long history steeped in myth. The term “panax” itself is derived from a Greek word for “panacea” or “cure all”. As ginseng processing technology continues to develop, this famous traditional extract keeps finding new applications.

Which ginseng extract equipment do you need?

Continuous freeze dryer

Continuous freeze-dryer for fruit powders and plant extracts

Extracting the essential acids and compounds from fruits an...

Wiped film evaporator

With wiped film distillation, a substantial decrease of boiling temperature is obtained by reducing the...

Laboratory multi-stage distiller

A laboratory multi-stage distillers that combines the wiped film and short path distillatio...

Extraction plant for natural ingredients

Bespoke extraction plants using the latest technology can improve your efficiency ...

Evaporation plant for the recovery of extracts

Bespoke evaporation plants using the latest plate evaporation technology ca...

Pilot evaporation plant for the recovery of extracts

For development of concentrates of extracts based on water or ethano...

Continuous vacuum belt dryer

For gently drying liquid concentrates into granulates or powders, a vacuum drying solution is t...
belt freeze dryer

Continuous belt freeze dryer

Freeze drying is the most gentle and aroma protective method of drying, widely used in the coff...

Flower oil extraction machine

The production of “essential oils” has traditionally involved using heat and distillation to...

Medicinal plant extraction machine

Traditional methods for extracting active compounds from medicinal plants or herbs use h...

Cosmetic cream filler

From thin liquid baby oils and perfumes to thicker lotions and creams for hair and skincare, cosmetic p...

Ultrasonic barbell for extraction

Conventional extraction methods are time-consuming, labour-intensive and can sometimes be...

Pilot ultrasonic extractor

In the herbal medicine industry, an ultrasonic extractor is a valid alternative to conventional e...

Evaporator for heat sensitive products

The removal of solvents when making products in industries like food, cosmetics, pha...

Thin film dryers

Dry dissolved or slurried crystallizing or amorphous products to a pourable powder.

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Lower processing temperatures with ultrasound-assisted extraction

Ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE) performs at a lower temperature than conventional ginseng processing technology. Besides increasing yield, lower operating heat protects thermally unstable ingredients in plant materials.

Another advantage of UAE is that it requires less solvent than most solvent extraction techniques. The technology applies acoustic cavitation to disrupt the cell walls and release the target compounds.

Applying ginseng processing technology to produce black extract

Ginseng extracts can be further processed into black ginseng. The type can be prepared from either the red or white variety by repeated steaming and drying. The process gelatinizes the ginseng, reducing moisture levels.

But the biochemical reactions also increase the concentration of benzopyrene, a carcinogen.

The drying phase has a more significant impact on the presence of benzopyrene than steaming. The optimum drying temperature is 100 °C for a period of 8 hours.

Novel ginseng extract finds new application in pharmacology

Ginsenosides are the primary bioactive compounds in ginseng extracts. But the plant contains several other bioactives such as ginsenosides, polyacetylenes, and acidic polysaccharides.

One of the novel compounds identified in ginseng, gintonin, promises a broad application as an active pharmaceutical ingredient. Gintonin binds with the proteins on cell surface membranes and transmits cellular information. The ingredient has the potential for the treatment of geriatric brain diseases.

Processing steps involved in ginseng-extract making

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