Benchtop piston filling equipment for vials in trays

Vials are difficult to fill individually through manual methods due to handling concerns such as accuracy in filling and possible spillage of the liquid product. From a production standpoint, a liquid filling system with an automatic nozzle can help you fill the vials accurately and quickly enough to meet production demands while minimizing waste.

Filling small vials automatically using a multi-directional movable nozzle

The XYZ Distributor from Adelphi is a semi-automatic liquid-filling machine for bottles, vials, ampoules, and nested syringes that are loaded in trays. The system features a three-axis filling operation where the nozzle can move horizontally and vertically for greater precision. It can also accommodate containers with a maximum height of 200mm and a minimum neck diameter of 6-8mm. The system can be operated by hand and foot pedal switch or programmed to automatically cycle the filling process. The unit comes with silicone tubing where your liquid product flows through without any contact from other moving parts of the system to avoid cross-contamination. The entire system can be placed on a small workbench due to its compact dimensions (790 x 625 x 390mm).


  • Small footprint due to compact size
  • Can be programmed to operate automatically
  • Hygienic system where the product only comes in contact with the silicone tube
  • Filling capacity: 12 –15 (100ml containers) per minute
  • Can be combined with Adelphi’s Accuramatic Peristaltic Dispensing Unit