Semi-automatic vial crimper

In a small production line, crimping vials manually can cause fatigue to your operator due to multiple repetitions. As a result, the margin of error may increase, leading to inaccurate sealing. By using a semi-automatic crimper, vials are accurately sealed, and the operator experiences less fatigue.

Crimping and de-capping vials through a pneumatic operation

The Powered Vial Crimper, from Adelphi, is a semi-automatic air-operated vial crimper for vials with sizes ranging from 8mm to 32mm. The unit can also perform de-capping for 13 and 20-mm seals. The system is suitable for “plain”, “flip top/flip off” and “flip tear-up” seal designs, and the crimping unit can also be used separately. All crimping and de-capping heads are interchangeable with the Adelphi manual vial crimper.


  • Small footprint due to compact size
  • Foot pedal operation reduces fatigue
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Can crimp a wide range of sizes (8mm-32mm)
  • Easy to use and intuitive assembly

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