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Making tea

Tea mixing or tea blending is a process of putting various types of dried tea leaves and herbs into one mixture. By doing this, the producer can manufacture unique flavors and aromas of the tea blend. From black tea to dried orange peels, diverse kinds of tea leaves, herbs, fruits, and vegetables are gathered into the final product. For tea mixing equipment, you can acquire a high-impact mixer or conical screw mixer.

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Conical screw mixer

Conical screw mixer

When you want to mix segregative, free-flowing powders and pastes that require perfect mixing quality and …

Continuous high impact mixer

Continuous high impact mixer

A high-impact mixer can help you to produce a homogeneous mixture when you are mixing powders an…

mixer for tea blending

Gentle mixer for tea blending

The blending process is critical to the flavor quality of tea. But the physical impact of the m…

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