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You make corn nuts or roasted corn from roasted or deep-fried corn kernels. Also known as cancha in Peru and chulpi in Ecuador, using corn nuts making machines, you can process these through soaking, deep-frying, and packing. Soaking takes 3 days and aims to rehydrate the corn kernels, while frying develops their flavor and texture.

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Corn nuts making machines from farm to fork

To start the production process, soak the corn kernels in holding tanks. You need to do it because drying and harvesting the kernels leave them dehydrated and small. So the soaking process restores the corn kernels to their original shape and volume.

Afterwards, you can roast or deep-fry them. The thermal processing for your corn nuts can go about in 2 ways: either through roasting/baking or through frying. Roasting and baking can occur through conventional ovens, and the process can be through single batching or continuous conveyor designs.

You can also use corn nuts making machines with deep-fryers, with designs available also for single batches or continuous systems, depending on your production volume and demand.

The future of the corn nuts market

Last 2021, the global roasted corn market amounted to 2.3 billion USD, with a compound annual growth rate of 6% between 2021 to 2031. Countries driving the demand for corn nuts include the US, India, Germany, China, and UK.

The corn nuts market is projected to increase within due to a growing demand for roasted snacks. Its high nutritive value and organic, non-GMO variants increase its appeal to many consumers. Currently, North America and Latin America account for 60% of the global roasted corn market, with East Asia and South Asia expected to have significant growth within 2020 to 2030.

How healthy are corn nuts?

You can say that corn nuts are healthy since they contain some fats that are good for the heart. Also, their protein and fiber requirements meet the daily value intakes.

However, other than these, corn nuts contain a relatively high amount of fat, having 8g per 48g, which satisfies 12% of the daily intake already. Their protein content, which is 4g per 48g, is lesser compared to peanuts, with 7g per 28g.

Corn nuts are also not a good source of vitamins and minerals, only providing 4% of the total iron daily intake per 48g So far, however, there have been no negative nutritional claims associated with corn nuts.

Processing steps involved in corn-nuts making

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