Continuous bagger with twin sealing jaws

If you want to pack into gusseted and pillow style bags and packing speed is important for your packaging process, a continuous bagger with twin sealing jaws could be a good investment.

The world’s fastest vertical form fill sealing machine

The VikingMašek Continuous motion bag maker velocity is capable of high speed production up to 300 bpm. The unique center mounted filling tube and natural counterbalanced sealing profiles are designed to provide vibration free, extremely smooth operation at all speeds.

The Velocity is also extremely versatile, handling package sizes up to 300 mm wide and multiple package styles. Patented, independently phased, twin sealing jaws separate the velocity from all other high speed machines and virtually eliminate lost cycle time. This is the world´s fastest bagging machine on the market that has no competition.


  • Ultra-fast speed
  • Can pack up to 300 bags per minute
  • Smooth operation at all speeds
  • Eliminate lost cycle time

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