Industrial Nut Roaster

Moisture considerably depletes the shelf life of nut products. At the same time, however, manufacturers want to retain the oil content that gives nuts their aromas and nutritional benefits. Keeping a precise temperature control that ensures both qualities is a primary challenge in nut roasting processes.

Accurate temperature control and efficient roasting for different types of nuts

The TFS Series by Tecno 3 comes with 3 different nut roasting stages (drying to eliminate moisture, roasting, and cooling down). Thanks to independent drying and roasting chambers, the nut is treated in a delicate manner to preserve its structural characteristics.
Built for vertical functionality, the machine is compact and offers easy accessibility. Moreover, the roasting and drying processes can be automatically managed by the PLC. The machine reaches a maximum capacity of over 2 tons/hour and starts at 100kg/h.


  • Continuous processing
  • Small footprint
  • Process different types of nuts
  • Separate chambers for heating and cooling

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