Rotating stencil depositor

Do you need to produce patterned products in good volumes but are concerned about quality? Traditional machines have been a compromise between speed and accuracy, and a narrow window of product masses that can be worked. The latest design of rotating stencil depositors allow for accurate, high speed production using a wide variety of masses, giving excellent quality and a quick return on investment.

Rotating stencil depositor producing fast, accurate product patterns with ease of use

Bertha is built on a C-frame design to allow for maximize ease of use, and simple offline maintenance and cleaning. It’s fully height adjustable and placed on strong wheels for complete flexibility.

Able to form various types of meringue masses, butter dough, sponge dough, chocolate and more.

Extremely easy stencil changeover process minimizes downtime for changing product shapes with pneumatic release via simple control panel.

Aasted Bertha is available with working widths from 400mm to 1,200mm as standard, with 1,500mm available on special request.

Totally accurate and reproducible control of end-product height and shape every time. Stencil drum profiles are exactly cut directly as per your own design.


  • Flexible, controllable stencil depositor for accurate, repeatable quality
  • C-frame design for maximum access and full line flexibility. Less downtime for maintenance, cleaning or changeover
  • Servo-driven main drive ensures complete synchronization with oven conveyor
  • Onboard PLC and HMI designed to be easy to operate and are accessible remotely for total control