High pressure industrial homogenizer

For any industrial pharmaceutical process that relies on high pressure homogenization it’s vital that the equipment used is robust enough to cope with the demands of continuous operation. More than this, modern production demands high levels of process control and automation, as well as seamless integration with plant controls and providing results that satisfy the highest regulatory demands.

Homogenizer offering the highest level of automation, compliance and capacity

The DeBEE 4000 series from BEE International is the company’s top-of-line homogenizing solution for high performance situations. Designed from the ground up to achieve the best results as efficiently as possible, the DeBEE 4000 uses DeBEE’s proprietary homogenization technology for unequalled results, coupled with a hydraulically driven vertical intensifier pumps with a slow stroke rate to provide higher pressure and higher process intensity, all with lower maintenance costs.

Featuring a PLC with bespoke HMI software and full-colour touch screen, the DeBEE 4000 offers easy access to several features including security modes and authorisations, integrations with plant controls using network data gathering, and dynamic visual schematics for at-a-glance system status and component parameters.

The DeBEE 4000 features a fully sanitary design making it ideal for pharmaceutical and biotech production, as well as use in the chemical industries.


  • Scaled to meet capacity, process and regulatory requirements
  • Designed for efficient, continuous 24/7 operation
  • Suitable for micro and nano emulsions and dispersions
  • Modular design for reduced maintenance costs
  • Colour touchscreen operation with real-time schematics and performance data