High pressure pilot homogenizer

Biotech and pharmaceutical development programs often require a mixing method that achieves both particle size reduction and complete cell lysis. When piloting production systems, it’s vital that you have complete control over the pressure to accommodate all cell types, and that the results of testing are completely scalable to full production.

High-pressure homogenizer offering all configurations

The DeBEE 2000 from BEE International is a complete pilot solution for high pressure homogenization in a highly compact format. Offering user-adjustable pressure control from 5,000 to 45,000 psi, the unit is suitable for a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications and its modular design means lower costs of maintenance and repair.

This pilot unit also offers a wide range of options to suit all process and budget requirements, including Dual Feed, Dual Jet, control of cavitation, shear and impact and secondary additive feed for particle synthesis.

PLC control and HMI touch screen provide simple monitoring, and the unit is designed to be easily cleaned (Clean in Place) and portable.


  • Guaranteed scale-up from R&D to manufacturing
  • Numerous pre- and post-processing options and accessories
  • Modular construction for reduced ongoing costs
  • Full user control over pressure
  • Capable of continuous operations for use in small-scale production