High pressure air powered laboratory homogenizer

Offering lab-scale to small pharmaceutical production scale output for in one unit means maximum cost-benefit when acquiring a homogenizer. Capable of achieving a range of processes including cell disruption, particle size reduction, creating stable nano/micro emulsions and working with polymers and liposomes, this benchtop scale unit can operate at up to 15 litres per hour capacity, yet still offer lab quality results.

Air-operated, compact, bench-top homogenizer suitable for a broad range of applications

The Micro DeBEE from BEE International is a compact, laboratory-scale homogenizer that can also be used for small-scale production. This is an air-powered unit that can process as little as a single 5ml sample, up to as much as 15L per hour, offering exceptional flexibility.

Features that make it an excellent R&D machine include maximum pressure of 45,000 PSI/3100 bar (at 150 PSI, 55 CFM). In addition, the back pressure can reach 5,000 PSI/350 bar, but this is adjustable to your specific process.

Micro DeBEE is simple in operating, and exceptionally easy to maintain and clean (with no disassembly required), adding further to the value proposition.


  • Flexible enough to use in the lab through to small-scale production
  • Fully customisable for process duration, pressure, flow and force
  • Simple to clean and maintain, no disassembly
  • 100% scale-up guarantee