Depositor for solid and filled chocolates

If you need to produce a wide range of chocolate products on a smaller production line, larger machines will not give a good return on investment. You need a product designed from the ground up for fully flexible small scale production of solid and filled chocolates, long-filled bars, pralines and much more.

Flexible one-shot depositor for smaller lines with state-of-the-art features

Specifically designed for small to medium production, the Aasted Nilshot is simple to use for any operator, and yet has the technology to allow you to produce a wide range of products. As well as solid and filled chocolates the Nilshot can produce 2-layered product, long-filled bars, truffle balls, eggs, pralines and more.

The 24 piston design can deliver up to 150kg per hour, and pistons can be selected on or off individually offering maximum production flexibility. The Aasted Nilshot works with many types of moulds, and the different recipes are easily accessed by the operator from the simple HMI.

To minimise downtime the Nilshot has been made to be easy to clean and maintain and is constructed in hygienic stainless steel and aluminium. Thoughtful features like the turnable safety screen allow quick access to the piston area when required without compromising operator safety.

An optional shaker conveyor unit can easily be added. This allows the moulds to be shaken in 2 axes, both removing any air and ensuring full mould coverage. This optional unit is easy to connect to the Nilshot and is quick and simple to adjust to suit all mould types.


  • Maximum flexibility for smaller production levels with 126 stored recipes
  • Easy to clean, maintain and operate by all staff
  • 60% fill volume and wide range of product types can be made
  • Optional shaker conveyor for perfect moulding results every time
  • Great for experimentation and new product design