Filling and weight checking machine for food cans

Making sure the right quantity of product is in the packaging can be a precise task if this is not automated. Goods can be sorted and metered, but when it comes to for example tinned peanuts, that doesn’t do the job.

Automatic filling, weighing and seaming

The Matic 127 Twin FP by Swiss Can Machinery is a can filling and seaming machine that also automates the weighing of the product. For the filling, the tins are placed on a belt and filled using 20 dosing heads and then weighed using a sensor. The filling station uses a vibrator to make sure the filling of the products is efficient. After filling and weighing, the tins follow their way on the belt to the seaming station where a spindle applies pressure so that the seaming rollers can seam the can in separate stages. The machine can handle different sizes, as long as the tins have a maximum diameter of 127 mm.


  • Machine is easily adjusted for can height
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Automatic lid destacker

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