Self-adhesive linear labeling machine for bottles

It is vital to have precise and long-lasting labels on bottles to avoid any accidents or overdosage. Labels on these bottles are constantly exposed to liquids and everyday handling; therefore, they require special care so that they can stand up to the challenge of remaining intact even after rough use.

Precise and reliable self-adhesive labeling

The ETIMA  MLP-3000 is built to provide longer-lasting self-adhesive labeling on various containers, including oval, flat, and cylindrical surfaces with complete precision, and to meet different labeling requirements such as partial position labeling or full-body labeling. Whether they are made from glass, tin, or plastic, the MLP-3000 easily ensures self-adhesive labeling for all materials.

This labeling machine can be formatted to deliver a maximum output of 5,000 containers per hour. Designed with NOVEXX labeling heads and a centering system knows as the ORBITER, this labeller delivers an exceptional performance, even at incredibly high application speeds. Lastly, MLP-3000 is specifically designed for the pharma, chemical, food, and personal care sectors.


  • Container in feed separation by feed screw
  • NOVEXX labeling heads and ORBITER container centering system
  • Capable of placing both front and back labels