Multi-way diverter valve for pneumatic conveying

Products conveyed through pneumatic conveyor lines often need to be diverted to multiple outlets for filling or distribution. The diversion mechanism can introduce discontinuities in the system that may produce non-uniform output.

Divert pneumatically conveyed product to multiple outputs

The DS series of multi-ways diverters from GVF Impianti is suitable for pneumatic conveyor lines in both dense and dilute phases. They are available in sizes of 2.5 to 8 inches and in 2 to 12 port configurations. The diverter is easy to install in both vertical and horizontal orientation and guarantees continuous passage of material without discontinuities. The diverter reduces system wear and minimizes any loss of load. The gaskets are interchangeable for simplified maintenance. The DS diverter series eliminates product deposits and contamination during the transport of products with different chemical and physical characteristics. DS series diverters are ideal for loading a set of storage bins. They are supplied with an inflatable gasket which guarantees a perfect seal up to pressures of 4 bar. Applications include foundry sand handling and diverting of other fine, abrasive, or granular solids including feldspar, fly ash, alumina, carbon black, candies, resins, beans, nuts, and grains.



  • Quick setup with simple installation
  • Improve product quality by eliminating deposits and contamination
  • Achieve high flow rates with the reduced load loss
  • Simplified maintenance with interchangeable gaskets
  • Minimize maintenance costs and downtime with wear-resistant construction