High-capacity horizontal cartoner for pharma and cosmetics appliances

Cartoners take carton blanks which are formed and sealed, allowing the product to be inserted from the side, and then closing and passing on for final packing. In the production of high volume pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, cartoners need to be able to operate continuously at the highest speeds with the highest levels of accuracy.

Very high capacity cartoner for large-scale pharmaceutical and cosmetics production

The IWK SC3 series is a continuous motion cartoner that can operate at speeds of up to 800 cartons per minute. Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, the SC3 series makes the perfect companion cartoner to the IWK TFS 80-6/8 tube filling machine and is widely used for FMCG products like toothpastes.

IWK’s experience and quality combines in the SC3 series, to offer the highest performance with the maximum efficiency. The use of servo drives throughout increases reliability and lowers maintenance costs, and the machine has been ergonomically designed to allow quick and easy access for cleaning, maintenance and changeover.

The central touch screen control offers a complete 3D visualisation of machine status and performance, and is complemented with teleservicing, which allows the remote diagnosis and clearance of faults without the need for a technician to be on site.

As well as tubes, the SC3 series is able to carton a wide variety of products, including, blister packs, vial, ampoules, cannulas, pouches, bottles and sachets.


  • Highest performance for large scale FMCG lines and pharmaceuticals
  • Lowered product chain for direct use with TFS 80-6/8 high-end tube filling machine
  • Full product identification using track and trace technology
  • Handles all carton blanks conforming to DIN 53121, and pre-glued blanks to DIN 55222
  • Designed for high efficiency with minimal downtime

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