Half-suit tester

Designed to allow operators to perform sterility testing in an aseptic environment providing assurance of material integrity.

For ultimate containment of all API and potent compounds, where the containment capability is crucial

The Half-suit tester from Telstar life-Sciences is the most likely component of the isolator which mission is to suffer wear and tear and thus develop leaks. Due to it works in the critical zone, guarantees special attention at the design stage and when monitoring protocols are developed.

The containment capability of half-suits is therefore as crucial as any other part of the integrated system, and a simple, accessible means of checking interface integrity is critical.

Telstar ACE offers custom-built testing systems to enable fast, easy measurement of half-suit containment efficiency. The Telstar Half-suit Tester is designed to allow both in situ and offline testing.


  • Integrated system
  • Easy measurement of half-suit containment efficiency
  • Allows both in situ and offline testing
  • 316L stainless steel base

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