Wraparound packer

Packaging today is an important medium for your brand identity throughout your distribution chain. This means it must be cost-effective, manageable, robust and, increasingly, attractive to your customers.

Wraparound packing for bottles, cans, jars, tins and multipacks

Altair machines from OCME represent excellence in the world of secondary packaging cartoning systems. Different models of OCME’s wraparound packer are available for speeds from 20 to 100 packs per minute. As a complement to the basic models, versions for the insertion of partitions (traditional or pre-formed) are available.

Able to pack numerous types of container (plastic, glass, round, square, oval, triangular, etc.) the Altair pays particular attention to the types of container being handled in order to avoid breakages or damage to the labels.

Additionally, the machine is designed for mechanical simplification (brushless servo motors on the main assemblies, self-lubricating chains) and use of oversized components, particularly on the chain transmissions. It can operate on a continuous 3-shift basis in high pressure production environments.


  • Mechanical simplification for ease of use
  • Product protection boosted by additional marketing and lower production costs
  • Wraparound case packing of a wide variety of containers
  • Avoid breakage and damage to labels
  • Ideal for high pressure environments