Visual and HVLD inspection for ampoules, vials and cartridges

Do you need to improve the efficiency and capability of your inspection and quality control process?High volume inspection of sealed glass vessels is crucial, not only for contaminants, but also correct fill volume, correct sealing, cosmetic appearance and more. Multiple inspection machinery to cover all your quality inspection requirements adds costs and increases production times. The latest combination inspection products offer a one-stop quality solution.

High speed visual inspection and high voltage leak detection (HVLD) machine

CMP Pharma’s NIKE-LT is the latest generation in pharmaceutical inspection machinery for vial, ampoules and cartridges.

Able to handle vessel capacities from as little as 1ml up to 30ml, the NIKE-LT uses high resolution cameras and the latest LED technology to achieve best-in-class visual inspection. The novel recirculation feature allows re-inspection following rejection by only one or two cameras (user selectable) which brings false rejection rates down reducing unnecessary wastage.

Standard inspection processes built in are for correct fill level and detection of contamination particles, fibres or glass fragments. Optional additional inspection modules allow for cosmetic control (position of cap, shape, height, etc), product colour, glass defects and leak testing.


  • Up to 400pcs per minute makes the CMP NIKE-LT suitable for high volume production
  • Wide range of optional inspection elements gives the ability to inspect every aspect of the final product and vessel
  • Recirculation feature reduces false rejection rates, increasing productivity
  • Complies with current GMP regulations. Software in compliance with 21 CFR part 11