Start-up sterile filling line for injectables

For smaller-scale production of vials and syringes for the injectables market, sterile conditions and accurate metering are still required for filling, stopping and crimping a wide range of container sizes.

Fill vials and syringes in basic, yet flexible, configuration

The i-Dositecno MI-I is specially designed for sterile pharma filling, able to fill sterile liquid and powder in doses from 1 to 500 mls into vials and syringes.

3,000 units per hour can be produced for formats up to 80 mm diameter in simple configuration, while 6,000 units per hour can be attained for smaller units up to 26 mm diameter in a double configuration.

Filling is achieved by means of peristaltic, stainless steel rotary, ceramic rotary or CIP/SIP rotary pump. Stoppers are introduced by servo-driven pick and place, however, capsule introduction and crimping heads are controlled by pneumatics.



  • holds up to 4 heads
  • can handle lyo stoppered vials
  • integrated weighing and quality control
  • easy sterilization using H2O2
  • uilt to cGMP and FDA standards

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