Semi-automatic inspection machine for ampoules, vials or cartridges

If you need to increase the efficiency of your manual inspection process for liquids or freeze-dried products without compromising quality, the latest generation of semi-automatic machines can deliver the productivity increase you need at a lower cost.

Flexible semi-automatic inspection solution for a wide range of vessels

The CMP SV inspection machine allows your operators to inspect the widest range of products, handling containers – including pre-filled syringes- from just 1ml capacity up to 1000ml.

The machine can operate with ampoules, vials or cartridges from 8mm to 78mm in diameter, with a maximum height of 120mm, giving you great flexibility across product ranges.

Featuring high output LED lighting and a high quality magnifying viewer, the CMP SV allows operators to inspect product for contaminating particles, correct fill level, cosmetic issues including any printing, plunger inspection (for cartridges), glass defects and more.

The SV can handle up to 100 pcs/minute, and the containers are rotated to allow the inspector to assess each one before deciding on any rejections.


  • Lower cost option than fully-automatic systems
  • Wide range of container sizes allows for maximum flexibility
  • Improves throughput speeds compared to fully manual inspection without reducing quality
  • Complies with current GMP regulations. Software in compliance with 21 CFR part 11