Pilot plant homogeniser

From food to pharma, homogenization is an essential step in the production process that provides uniformity to the product by improving its physical properties. If not homogenized, the fluid product might degenerate over time, leading to the formation of sediments and phase separation. This will lead to the loss of desirable product properties like uniformity, viscosity, consistency and reduced shelf life.

Reducing product particle size using cavitation provides fluid stability

High Pressure Industrial Homogenizer from HOMMAK facilitates permanent homogenization of heterogeneous fluid products like milk, fruit juices, creams, ointments and more. The homogenization effect is achieved by reducing the product particle size through cavitation, shear force, impact velocity and turbulence effect under pressure, thereby preventing phase separation in the product.

The homogenizer consists of two main elements – the compression block and the homogenization unit. As the name suggests, the compression block compresses the ingredients under high pressure. The homogenization unit micronizes the decomposed particles to the specified size per the product.

The equipment’s design and manufacturing considerations like capacity, pressure, material selection and valve design are tailored to its specific industrial application.


  • Ergonomic design with a small footprint
  • Suitable for abrasive and viscous goods
  • Maintains the product viscosity and consistency and prevents sedimentation
  • Enhances the properties of the product thereby decreasing the need for additives
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning (CIP and SIP)