Level and flow meter fillers for beverages

Whether your beverage is best filled with a level filler, a flow meter or with an isobaric filling system, you will benefit from a solution that is designed specifically for the beverage industry.

Automatic fillers for water, beer, soft-drinks, wine, spirits, juices

The Hydra series of fillers from OCME are designed to handle a wide variety of products, bottles and have output speed ranging from 12,000 to 100,000 bottles per hour.

Level and flow meter fillers for beverages with 2 models available, one handles still liquids or still (water, juices, spirits) and uses level filling technology, and another for carbonated liquids (still or sparkling water, soft-drinks, beer, juices) that utilizes an isobaric filling system.


  • Small sized and functional level and flow fillers
  • Tilted base for easy sanitizing
  • Easy to clean and effective stainless steel tanks
  • Semi-automatic system that is approximately one-tenth the cost of a wholly automatic solution
  • Closed-circuit sanitization system