Industrial pellet mill

At the industrial level, the application areas of pellets range widely in fields such as feeds, biomass, wood chips, sawdust, and other renewable raw materials. To adapt to the most diverse requirements, the pelleting presses must have a modular design while keeping maintenance costs low and providing a long service life.

Producing pellets using a modular pelleting press with an energy-efficient direct drive

The MAXIMA Pellet Mill from SALMATEC is an industrial-grade pelletizer capable of producing pellets for various applications like feeds, woodchips, recycled plastics, and many more renewable raw materials. The system has a vertical ring die with optional 2 or 3 rollers that can be equipped with a cooling system. The rollers press the product through the ring die at the highest possible pressure before cutting it down to the right size with its adjustable knife. The system has a lifting frame to support heavy parts such as rollers and dies removed during maintenance.

The unit has a central lubrication system that automatically lubricates the rollers and the main bearings. A maintenance drive is equipped inside a well-ventilated housing for larger units to ensure slow and safe die rotation for work on the press tools. The system is made from high-quality materials and complies with the latest safety standards and guidelines. The Maxima provides energy efficiency and equal power transmission thanks to a one-step operated v-belt drive. The system is available in various capacities of up to 50 tons per hour, depending on the type of machine and product application.


  • Available in various sizes from a drive power of 15kW up to 500kW motors
  • Safety switch shuts down unit in case of overload
  • Multiple shock absorbers to minimize the transmission of vibrations
  • Low maintenance
  • Temperature sensors for easy monitoring in the press chamber