High speed bottle filler with inspection

Medicines in tablet, capsule, or soft gel forms undergo various processes before reaching the consumer. Of the steps involved in production and packaging, automatic visual inspection and accurate counting with filling are essential to meet quality standards and specifications. Since separate equipment for each process step adds high costs, multi-function machines are much better in this regard.

Automatic Inspection and Bottle Filling of Capsules, Tablets, and Soft Gels

Spine Fibo by Sensum is designed to ensure accurate automatic visual inspection, sorting, counting, and filling of tablets, capsules, and soft gels. Products are conveyed through an optical system, which can perform a 100 percent visual inspection of each product using several cameras. During the inspection, products are counted for the first time. After inspection, defective products are rejected, while only good products are counted again with an additional optical system and then filled into bottles. Another advantageous feature of Spine Fibo is that it uses no flaps at bottle filling. With such double counting and no-flap system, the machine ensures high accuracy in counting and reduces risks of defective products getting to the market.

Spine Fibo can handle smaller and bigger bottles, and no formatting of parts is required for bottle changing. It can identify many defects like foreign products, size variations, thickness variations, lamination, engraving defects, coating problems, chips, cracks, dots, dents, bubbles, variations in prints, and texture. This equipment can inspect pharmaceutical products like plain, coated, and multi-layer tablets, opaque, bi-color, transparent capsules, and a large variety of soft gels. In addition, defective samples are not required to train the system.


  • Inspection, verification, and bottle filling system for tablets, capsules, and soft gels.
  • Possibility for 100% inspection with 3D imaging technology
  • Defects are removed before bottle filling without any throughput reduction
  • Can operate a wide range of product sizes from 4 mm to 28 mm
  • Already programmed to detect a wide range of defects