High containment split butterfly valve

Transferring active pharmaceutical ingredients from one vessel to another can lead to dust emissions that may be hazardous to the operator. The transfer operation may also expose the product to the environment affecting product quality.

Control sensitive material flow with high containment

Split Butterfly Valves (SBV) from Andocksysteme provide a safe method of transferring product from one vessel to another. The valve is designed to minimize dust emission to the operating environment. It is used for the safe transfer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and other products that must be contained for health and safety reasons. These valves also help improve product flow, increase yield and help ensure sterility of the product.

The new SBV docking system consists of an active and a passive valve supported on both sides by high-grade precision bearings. The active valve, operated either manually or automatically, is integrated into the filling or discharging side of the process station. The Passive unit is attached to the mobile container. When docking, the locking pins center the active and passive valve on to each other. Both split valves open simultaneously after docking, discharging the product in a fully contained manner. Andocksysteme SBV’s have a PTFE encapsulated sealing system suitable for high containment, chemically aggressive powders and liquids.


  • Provide safe work environment for operators by maintaining occupational exposure limits
  • Preserve quality of sensitive products by limiting environmental exposure and contamination
  • Dust elimination reduces cleaning costs and downtime
  • Save time by transferring at high flow rates
  • Increase yield by minimizing wastage