HFFS machine with servo-control system

Traditional HFFS machines use mechanical cams to drive the production path through the machines. Although this technology is in widespread use, these HFFS machines endure a lot of mechanical stress, and require frequent maintenance or repair. Modern servo control systems offer an immediate boost in reliability, but also an increase in throughput thanks to the ability for each station in the packing process being able to operate independently of each other.

Servo controlled horizontal form fill and sealing HFFS for increased reliability and performance

The Bossar BMS series of machines represent the first move away from the mechanical cam-driven machines that have been ubiquitous in the HFFS sector.

Featuring a Bossar-patented transmission system, the BMS range offers true independent multi-axis operation. This method of servo control means BMS machines have far fewer mechanical moving parts than traditional machines, reducing maintenance, wear and associated downtime.

Another key benefit is much better access to the entire product path. As well as better visibility for operators, it also makes the machine easier to clean for sanitary applications.

Great attention has been paid to the quality of the sealing units on the BMS series. The seals produced are of the same quality as pre-made pouches, but with the ability to produce a huge range of shapes and designs to help differentiate your products in the marketplace.

Full 3D touchscreen control allows not only for simple programming of parameters and product changeover, but also offers full diagnostics and visualization of process health as well as instantly available manuals and troubleshooting guides.

The BMS series offers a 10% productivity increase compared to traditional fully-mechanical HFFS alternatives, driving a quick ROI and increasing efficiency.



  • Patented servo controlled transport system increases line efficiency by 10%
  • Can produce a wide variety of pouch designs with seal quality equal to pre-made
  • Little maintenance required thanks to far fewer mechanical parts
  • Ease of access to all parts of the machine speeds up cleaning
  • Range of options including zippers, spouts, and straws