Flowmeter filler

For larger production runs of food, non-food and cosmetics industries, where accuracy and volume of filling is required, a fully-automated vessel filling solution that works seamlessly with your line is vital. Ease of operation and precision control over fill volume of a large spectrum of liquids provides maximum flexibility for multi-product environments.

Flexible high-volume flowmeter solution

The EFM F-Series is a fully customisable, high accuracy, high volume filling machine. Capable of operating with a wide spectrum of liquids, the F-Series is available in 2,4,6, or 8 head versions. The high efficiency supply pump transfers product directly to the flow meter, where it’s then sent in compressed tubes to the fill valves, which are servo-controlled for accuracy of placement.

Fitted with electromagnetic flow meters by default, the EFM F-Series can also be supplied with mass flow meters for use with non-water-based product. It can also be fitted with conductivity measurement where required.

The F-Series is made primarily of stainless steel, and it’s designed to be easily and quickly disassembled for cleaning.


  • High capacity, up to 6,000 units/hour
  • Highly accurate filling
  • Easy to install and simple to operate with touchscreen controls
  • Volumes are electrically configurable

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