Economical Pouch Packaging Machine

The side gusset pouch is a popular packaging solution for medium formats, particularly for granulated products such as coffee. It’s also ideal for many liquid applications. Given the requirements for a perfect seal when used with liquids, more expensive pre-made pouches are often preferred. A purpose-designed side-gusset forming machine that can use inexpensive reel films to produce perfect results for all content types is the ideal solution for increased value.

Pouch filling machine for coffee, fruit purees and yoghurts

The BVH Quattro Seal from Bossar was designed specifically to pack liquid, viscous and granulated products into a user-friendly single-serve format using economical film reels. BVH’s innovative design combines the best of both vertical and horizontal form fill and seal machines to deliver a lower cost pouch of equal quality to more costly ready-made alternatives.

The machine is capable of producing quattro seal pouches of between 90mm x 100mm to 180mm x 300mm, with volumes up to 2,000cc. Pouches can be formed with or without a block bottom, and all are capable of having top spouts inserted where required.

For maximum flexibility, the BVH offers rapid format change. Pouch length is adjusted via full servo motor control through the touchscreen interface, while pouch width is modified by the use of quick change forming collars.

Once the pouch has been formed vertically, a robust traditional walking beam transport system moves the pouches through the filling, valve insertion and final sealing elements horizontally. Strong grippers ensure a perfect fill and seal for the final product.



  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need for pre-made pouches
  • Large range of pouches can be formed, with or without block bottom and valves
  • Rapid format changeover procedure reduces downtime
  • Servo-control reduces maintenance downtime to a minimum
  • Accepts film reels up to 350mm diameter for maximum flexibility

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