Dense phase conveyor for powders and granules

Some manufacturing and filling operations require a smaller pneumatic transport solution. Salvaging material from sack filling or collecting material at the base of filters requires the use of a compact, all-in-one conveying system.

Collect and transport non-abrasive materials in the dense phase

GA Combo pneumatic conveyors from GVF Impianti are ideal for dense phase conveying of non-abrasive materials such as powders and granules. These conveyors feature a pneumatic, PN16, butterfly valve. GA combo conveyors are fitted with easily accessible pneumatic and electrical control boards. They are suitable for installation at the base of filters and for salvaging material from sack filling machines. Available in sizes of 24lt and 49lt, GA combo conveyors offer simplicity and reliability in a compact design. GVF pneumatic conveyors have durable construction and can be supplied in carbon or stainless steel. Applications include conveying fine powders or granular solids including carbon black, resins, beans, nuts, and grains.



  • Complete control with easily accessible pneumatic and electrical panels
  • Easy to operate and reliable
  • Avoid blockage with precise control of transport parameters
  • Save space with a compact design
  • Improve your work environment with silent operation