Compact monoblock filler

Filling and capping bottles and pots for food, chemical and cosmetics industries using separate machines is expensive and inefficient.A better solution is a combined monoblock unit, that will save space and cost, whilst increasing product throughput, even on multi-product lines.

Monoblock combined filling and sealing machine

EFM Monoblock filling machine is an easy-to-use, multi-purpose machine designed for filling and capping of containers with lids or pressure caps. Featuring a touchscreen system, the machine is easy to operate and allows simple readout and storage of all function information.

EFM’s design philosophy is to provide adaptable machines suitable for a range of industries. The Monoblock filling machine can be used with a wide variety of filling methods, including digital flow metering, piston pumps, peristaltic pumps, and more.

For the sealing process, a choice of methods is available including manual positioning of lids, or use of a fully automated cap supply system that uses pick and place. Final tightening can be by magnetic capping, servo capping, pressure capping or pilfer proof capping, to suit your requirements.


  • Ideal machine where space-saving is required
  • Lower cost option compared to separate filler and capper
  • Throughput of up to 5,000 per hour for increased efficiency
  • Minimal downtime for line changes due to small number of interchangeable parts