Chocolate depositor

Do you want the highest quality depositor for your small-to-medium production? Traditional depositors at the right price point are inflexible and deliver inconsistent quality, whilst those providing the results you need and the options you want are often too expensive and designed for larger-scale use. If you want to produce everything from long one-shot bars, to eggs, truffle balls and even multi-colour products on a smaller scale you need a depositing solution at the right price with no compromises on quality and flexibility.

Flexible depositor series with options to suit smaller-scale production in a cost-effective package

Developed to meet modern requirements for versatility, ease of operation and reduced costs, the Aasted Sophus Flexible is a depositing system with 3 variants and several options.

Sophus Flexible SF is ideal for long one-shot filled bars, truffle balls, eggs, pralines and other closed products with ingredients as well as multicolour products.

Sophus Flexible MF is perfect for spot or long deposit for bottoming and continuing strings.

Sophus Flexible RF is designed for spot deposit for bottoming or fillings and small inclusions. Particularly aimed at small production capacities.

All options are lightweight for easy handling and have been designed to use smaller sized servos and motors, reducing power consumption and minimising maintenance.

Aasted Sophus Flexible range features a new “clip on” mount system making reconfiguration of your moulding line fast and easy, minimising downtime. Options including multi-hopper, hopper oscillation and built-in mould lifting add further flexibility.


  • Cost-effective depositing for small to medium production lines with variants to suit your requirements
  • Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to reconfigure for maximum uptime
  • Designed specifically to use use smaller motors and servos and so reduce energy usage
  • Range of hopper options and mould-lift options to enhance your capabilities