2-way diverter valves for pneumatic conveying

Products conveyed through pneumatic conveyor lines often need to be diverted to two outlets for filling or distribution. Filling two silos or bins from a single source requires a diversion of flow to the desired destination.

Divert pneumatically conveyed material to two outlets

GVF Impianti offers the DAS series of 2-way diverter valves for dense and dilutes pneumatic conveying. These valves are installed on top of a set of silos or storage bins. The valve diverts the flow by 90° based on an interchangeable, wear-resistant expansion drawer. The drawer is moved in position to allow material flow, giving continuity to the transport pipe without any throttle and discontinuity. Available in sizes from 2.5 up to 8 inches the DAS diverter valves are easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.

DP series valves allow the flow to be diverted from one to two lines or merged from two lines to one. The mechanical outfit is precise and adjustable. When the valve is in position the unused outlet is closed mechanically. DP series valves are compact, accurate, and reliable. They are easy to maintain and can be installed both vertically and horizontally. Applications include foundry sand handling and diverting of other fine, abrasive, or granular solids including feldspar, fly ash, alumina, carbon black, candies, resins, beans, nuts, and grains. DP Series diverter valves are available in sizes from 2.5 up to 10 inches



  • Quick setup with simple installation
  • Transfer material to multiple destinations using the same lines
  • Achieve high flow rates due to unobstructed flow through the valve
  • Simplified maintenance with interchangeable gaskets
  • Minimize maintenance costs and down time with wear resistant construction

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