Washing cabinet for trolleys

Food manufacturing facilities, bakeries, or restaurants are ridden with efficiency-related issues regarding the washing of trolleys, trays, or baskets. Therefore, the need for an efficient and automated washing system is undeniable. Such a system not only enhances the overall performance when it comes to cleaning regularly used equipment and tools but also reduces water and energy expenditure.

Autonomous and economic washing system for knives, trays, and baskets

The BF Series by Velox Barchitta is an efficient, multi-purpose solution for a variety of routine appliances used in the food industry. The advanced rotating base design (with centrifuge and blowing module) is carefully structured to offer high sanitary solutions with optimized performance due to the thorough 360°C cleanse.

The BF Series unit comes with a powerful booster pump (1.5kW) with stainless steel sprayers and pipes. This system is seamlessly designed to ensure a complete cycle at 85 °C, thus ascertaining thermal disinfection. 

The unit is efficient in washing time (ranging from 30 seconds to 12 minutes), can rinse up to 20” with a centrifuge of up to 40”. It comes with AISI 304 high-power wash pumps (7.5 kW for BF1500 to 11kW for BF1800, BF2000, BF2200). High hygiene standards are employed by orienting the pump vertically, enabling the consistent discharge of the washing circuit. This reduces the contamination risk that comes with horizontal orientations. Additionally, the remarkable centrifuge efficiently controls the water usage and adds to the cost-effectiveness. The system has a 1.5 minute suction time, allowing quick drying for metallic materials.

The product also has a blowing module option, with four pressure pumps (5.5kW each at 2200 cm/h flow rate, 150 mbar prevalence). The optimal drying process for the metallic materials is achieved at 60°C. While for plastic, the system raises air temperature from 90-100°C via the optional blowing module. 

The stainless steel design further adds to the durability of this unit, while retaining the outward appeal. 


  • The unit abides by high standards of security
  • Fully PLC controlled
  • Various parameters can be managed via touchscreen
  • Cutting down water and energy consumption