Vacuum belt dryer for fruit and vegetable extracts

Organic volatile compounds from fruits and vegetables are essential to manufacture reaction flavors, plant extracts, granules and fruit powders. But elevating temperatures during the drying process risks altering their chemical structure and lowering the quality of the final product.

Gentle continuous vacuum drying for fruit powders, plant extracts, and reaction flavors

The DryBand system by Bucher Merk is a dynamic vacuum belt dryer designed to vacuum-dry delicate food ingredients. The material moves through an intermediate vacuum chamber between the top and bottom belt section. The drying unit has a vacuum range of 0.5 to 50 mbar and a feeding rate of up to 4,000 kg/h.

The continuous system can be configured for variable or constant vacuum drying with heating plates underneath the belt. A crushing device at the end of the belt breaks the products into powders after drying. Meanwhile, the vapors are collected in an integrated condenser.


  • Gentle drying for flavor retention
  • Low residual humidity
  • Fully automized WIP cleaning
  • Closed system with a hygienic design