Vacuum belt dryer for instant drinks

Drying powders and granules for instant soups and drinks requires special attention paid to the uniformity, solubility and density of feed materials. Wetting time and agglomeration are important factors to consider in order to achieve optimal levels of fat, moisture and sugar in the final product.

Continuous drying to low residual moistures without mechanical stress

Bucher Unipektin’s Dryband is suitable for products that are highly viscous, delicate and sensitive to mechanical stress. Liquid or pasty products are distributed evenly on the belts that conveyed through the dryer. Powders and granules are conveyed into a hopper on top of the vacuum belt dryer. Removed vapours are recovered in a condenser.

Feeding rates can range from 2 to 4,000 kg/h and heating & cooling surfaces can be achieved up to 325 m2. Heating ranges from 20 to 180 °C and vacuum range from 1 to 50 m bar. The Bucher DryBand has also successfully been used for freeze-drying applications such as coffee and meat pieces.

The Dryband is often used for natural products without carriers or e-numbers. Example applications include chocolate crumbs and malt-based drinks, condiments, fruit and vegetable powders and vitamins.


  • Suitable for hygroscopic products
  • Vacuum-foam drying with excellent instant properties
  • Short and clearly defined residence time
  • Fully automized WIP cleaning