Small bottle checkweigher

Any small-diameter bottle, containing prescription medication or cosmetic applications, can be properly weighed with this small bottle checkweigher. Choosing a right checkweigher is essential.

Specialized checkweigher for small-diameter bottles

Anritsu has achieved a dynamic weighing for small bottles with the small-diameter bottle checkweigher KW9223 type. Available in four models, the KW9223APHB and the KW9223BPHB which have a weighing range of 2 to 200 g, while the KW9223APHC and the KW9223BPHC have a weighing range of 2 to 600 g.

The weighing systems have stable transfer and high accuracy measurement for slim, small-diameter bottles that are difficult to transfer independently, and can include eye lotions, nasal drops, and cosmetic applications.


  • Small bottles can be weighed precisely on any of the KW9223 type models
  • Maximum accuracy on all of these models is ±0.02 g at 3s
  • The maximum speed is 200 products/min
  • Bottles containing cosmetic applications can be properly weighed

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