Semi-automatic case packer for chip bags

In small to medium scale production units, packing items manually can consume a lot of time. Moreover, manual packing can also lead to underutilized box space. One way to speed up the entire process and make maximum use of the box space is to invest in semi-automatic assembly products that can provide seamless and more optimized solutions.

Maximize production speeds with rapid, continuous, and flexible packing

The Collator 200, by BluePrint Automation, helps significantly increase your manual packaging speeds. It processes potato chips and other snack bags that come from a primary packaging machine and have different sizes and dimensions, without requiring any changing parts. The semi-automatic case packer is designed to flexibly and rapidly accept bags from a primary bagging machine or a thermoform machine and quickly forms vertical stacks on the accumulation conveyor belt.

The Collator 200 is suitable for packing all different types of bags – with snacks, confectionery products, fresh vegetables, shredded cheese, coffee, spices, sugar, crisps, salads, or nuts.


  • Speeds up manual packaging processes
  • Packs all types of bags in different sizes and dimensions
  • Seamless integration with the primary packing machine (you won’t need a separate unit)

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