Online sampling system for larger scale bioprocesses

Accurate sampling is vital for improving a wide variety of industrial, chemical, and biofuel processes. A sampling solution that provides  24/7 automated, real-time analyte monitoring, fraction collection, feed control, and data processing will allow increased process performance and development to maximize performance.

Automated sampling for up to eight vessels

The Flownamics Seg-Flow 8000i is a fully automated online sampling system that offers multiple process monitoring and control solutions designed for biofuel, chemical or industrial processes.

The Seg-Flow’s patented segmented online sampling technology means rapid and accurate sampling for up to 8 vessels and sample delivery to up to 4 analyzers and/or fraction collectors. It uses a chemically inert fluid path with automated cleaning or sterilizing after each sample. A number of feed control options are available for maximum flexibility, and the Seg-Flow 8000i can control up to 2 pumps per vessel.

The 8000i is scaled independent and can be used with laboratory, pilot, or production vessels. It utilizes the unique FISP in-situ sampling probe, which provides an aseptic barrier between the vessel and the Seg-Flow system. The Seg-Flow features a built-in touchscreen HMI, providing control over many samples and feed options. The easy-to-use system requires minimal training and allows parameters to be programmed within minutes.

The internal Flow-Web web server logs data and information for each vessel or stream independently and allows viewing and control from any PC or mobile device.

Sefg-Flow’s highly flexible operating software can be tailored to your specific applications. It allows data to be saved in spreadsheet format or automatically exported to other software. System status and reporting can be quickly checked from any device with a browser and internet access.


  • Segmented flow technology provides extremely accurate cell-free or cell-containing sampling
  • Sample from up to 8 bioreactors, and send to up to 4 analyzers with one unit
  • Minimal maintenance and easy setup reduces training requirements
  • Chemically inert fluid path with automated cleaning and sterilizing
  • Can be tailored to meet your exact requirements