Macro ingredient dosing system

Traditional dosing systems do not have a very long operational life and are hard and expensive to maintain. If you are looking to dose your bulk products like compound feed, mineral premixes, pet food, seeds, plastics, building materials, etc, you need a machine which ensures a relatively lower cost while maintaining high speed and accuracy.

Low costs with high-performance dosing for macro ingredients

KSE’s ALFRA GCD dosing and weighing system is configured with a stationary weighing hopper, which is closed for low-dust operation. It can combine ingredients from up to 24 silos automatically.

The traditional screw dosing machines entail a 1:20 dynamic flow range, while KSE’s unique dosing slide has an enormous flow range of 1:1000. The macro ingredient dosing system thus ensures that dosing and weighing is no longer a hurdle in the production process. This workhorse machine is low cost yet has high speed and accuracy leading to a high throughput that showcases its high-performance standards. It can handle products from 1 kg up to 1000 kg. It has a self-learning software which optimizes the flow profile for highest speed and precision ensuring no excess usage of raw materials. This allows the user to save the raw material expense. Upon the completion of a batch, the predetermined weight is discharged into the transport belt, under hopper or the mixer below the machine.

It has very few moving parts which makes cleaning, inspection and maintenance very simple, keeping the operational costs low. Its applications include, dosing of industrial building materials, chemicals, plastic, pet food, compound premixes, gypsum, raw materials for grinding discs, etc.


  • Extremely robust with low maintenance and running costs
  • More than 20 years of operational life
  • Dose any quantity from 1 kg to 1000 kg quickly and accurately
  • Closed design for clean workplace

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