Low speed tube filler

Increasing numbers of products in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries are delivered in flexible tubes, bottles or dispensers. Automated tube filling machines improve production efficiency by accurately filling, sealing and capping a range of tube-based packaging with minimal operator intervention. For smaller-scale production environments, large filling machinery is impractical and expensive.

Automatic tube filler for small scale production

The FP-10 from IWK is a next-generation tube filling machine that operates at lower speeds, most suited for small scale production. It features 10 workstations that can handle tubes from 10 to 52mm diameter and can accurately dose from between 1.5 ml and 300 ml of product at up to 70 tubes per minute.

The FP-10 has been designed to allow for rapid product changeover, and all components can be switched out in a little as 15 minutes, keeping downtime to a minimum.

The FP-10 benefits from the latest servo technology, giving the machine extremely high reliability and minimum maintenance. A new 5.7” touch panel HMI not only displays all relevant process parameters, but also allows profile storage and data recording. Internet connectivity allows for remote diagnostics and servicing.

Able to fill metal or plastic containers, the FP-10 can perfectly contour seal plastics with hot air and offers double, triple or saddle folding for metal tubes to meet your exact requirements.

Suitable for use with a wide range of products, the FP-10 can fill and close cylindrical (with EURO-hole, curved seal) oval or conical tubes, dispensers (including inserting of pistons), mascara brushes, cartouches, jars, and tottles (with capping).


  • Modern servo drive and HMI for reliability and ease of use
  • Fills, seals and caps a wide range of tube containers with 15 minute changeover
  • Minimal maintenance requirements reduces downtime
  • High-accuracy dosing with no dripping or stringing - no contamination
  • Bad tube detection and rejection

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