Linear automatic bottling machine for liquids

Autonomous filling systems are a very widely utilized solution for the consistent output of large quantities of products due to their great level of output and minimal level of human supervision required which in turn, makes it cost-efficient. In case of supplying a range of products with dramatically different characteristics like size, accuracy of filling required, speed and volume of filling, such units prove to be a highly beneficial addition to any business as they can meet the requirements for a range of different products such as fizzy drinks and juices.

Autonomous filling system for low viscosity liquid products

The ECL 300 by Dosimaq is specifically designed for the packaging of liquid or low viscosity products such as fruit juice, milk, and others.

This system is fitted with a  magnetic measure gauge filling system and an elevator for volumetric pistons which fill the packaging from the bottom. This is especially useful for the packaging of foaming products.

The control panel on the ECL 300 is equipped with a system that can electronically regulate the filling volume for each package. Furthermore, this unit also offers the advantage of filling the product at three different speeds which helps in avoiding spilling when pouring.

Equipped with a rotary monobloc closing unit with 8 workstations, the unit can easily reach a production rate of up to 5,000 packs per hour and change the toolset for the packaging of different pack formats and conveyor belts specially designed for a range of packaging designs.

The closing unit is easily changeable and adaptable to different cap formats by a pneumatically adjustable screw.


  • Foaming product friendly which helps in eliminating spillage
  • Easily adaptable for different packaging formats and designs
  • Fully automatic, requiring no human supervision during operation
  • Can easily fulfill the demand of 5000 packs per hour